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Make mental health positive

Award-Winning Keynote Speaker. Therapist. Author.

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Relevant. Insightful. Empowering.

Whenever Dr. Kane steps onto a stage, there's a chance to positively impact a life. She is widely recognized for her ability to relate to an audience and deliver powerful insights to inspire positive mental health in organizations and their people. 


Meet Dr. Kane

PsyD, CMHC (Clinical Mental Health Counselor)

Dr. Kane is a mental health speaker, corporate consultant, and published author of Fractured Souls Splintered Memories: Unlocking the Boxes of Trauma. Dr. Kane is passionate about celebrating mental health. With over 20 years of industry experience, and as a successful business owner and CEO herself, Dr. Kane speaks to diverse audiences to help them live a more fulfilling life. She speaks on many mental health topics such as addressing addiction, reducing stress, surmounting mental health challenges, and healing the brain, but also speaks on entrepreneurship, leadership, and conflict resolution.

Healing Trauma

Fractured Souls Splintered Memories: Unlocking the Boxes of Trauma

Explore the mystery of therapy. Dr. Kane pulls you into the therapy office as you walk through the story of an abused child who now, as an adult, seeks help. If you've ever felt nervous about starting therapy, or wonder what happens in treatment, Dr. Kane qualms fears and reveals the secrets in this tear-jerking story of mental healing and triumph.

“Everyone should see this presentation. Dr. Kane was informative, thorough, and offered suggestions for moving forward. I cannot recommend this presentation highly enough."

Merrill Boyack | Family Watch International



Conference Keynote Speaker

Live keynote addresses delivered to audiences both large and small. As an experienced keynote speaker, Dr. Kane knows how to stay on point, end a session on time, and get your audience on to the next event.


The biggest complaint Dr. Kane regularly gets from her audiences is that they didn't get enough time with her; they wanted more, more, more! If your conference needs to be memorable, and it has tight schedules or many moving parts, Dr. Kane will deliver as a polished and skilled speaker.

Corporate Speaker

From engineers, to teachers, police officers, construction workers, university students, and executives, Dr. Kane reaches across industries to speak on mental health. In the USA, employers lose $51 billion per year in productivity due to mental illnesses. Still, there's hope! Employers who invest in mental health support see a $4 return for every dollar invested in mental health treatment. 

Whether you audience is 40 or 4,000, Dr. Kane will deliver practical mental health tools and education to empower your employees, HR directors, and leadership teams.

Parent Nights & School Assemblies

Well-known in the community for her presentations on Electronics and the Teenage Brain, Dr. Kane has worked with several schools to deliver assemblies and parent nights to educate administrators, parents, kids, teens, and teachers about how to help support teen mental health.


Facing mental health crises in your school? Contact Dr. Kane today to have her come present at your school. 

Workshops, Virtual Trainings, Other Custom Programs

Dr. Kane has 20+ years of professional speaking experience and industry expertise as a mental health counselor. She has worked with many organizations to develop mental health training, polices & procedures, full day trainings, lunch and learns, and even corporate assessments to determine training needs.


If you have any concerns about mental health in your organization, odds are Dr. Kane has a product, solution, or service she can provide. Please reach out using our form below for a custom quote.

See Dr. Kane in Action

How fantastic would it be to have a therapist, who also happens to be a successful business professional, come to your event to speak on mental health topics while offering practical solutions?

It would be pretty fantastic! 

Dr. Kane is considered one of the top keynote speakers for one simple reason; she cares about her audience and gives them real takeaways—every time. 

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