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Training Benefits

Each organization we train may have a different purpose and approach, but they all need quality mental health training to reach their goals.

Key Takeaways

By participating in cognitive resilience training your organization will:

Enhance team performance and well-being:

Inviting mental health tools into your organization and investing in people's well-being is an excellent way to boost performance. Team members will exhibit increased emotional intelligence, empathy, and endurance. As a result, your organization will feel more connected and engaged. 

Invest in expert facilitators and well-researched materials:

Our training is backed by qualified professionals with years of experience in mental health. We know your industry and culture, so our facilitators can relate the information and tools we teach to your organization's context, including its mission, challenges, and values. Our instructors remain engaged, attuned, inclusive, and collaborative throughout the training presentation. Plus they know how to keep it light and funny with a few jokes here and there so the trainees don't fall asleep!

Enjoy a cost-effective resource:

Training in Cognitive Resilience can be delivered virtually or in person, as a complete 10-module program, or as a series of individual modules. But don't worry, the course won't be all work and no play. We'll take plenty of breaks for coffee and donuts because we all know that's the secret to positive mental health! Our flexible modules can be tailored to meet your organization's budget and needs.

Create a culture of mental wellness:

Educate your staff on mental health topics. Create an environment that encourages open conversations about mental health. Promote a culture of acceptance and understanding of mental health issues. And don't forget to give everyone a mental health day off, because everyone needs a break from their thoughts sometimes!

Develop the next generation of leaders in your organization:

This training will teach participants how to develop cognitive resilience within their organizations. Attendees to this course are crucial to scaling mental health support in your organization, especially in the safety and risk management areas. 

Adopt prevention practices into daily routines:

You will learn how to introduce mindfulness practices and mental health awareness to your entire organization, including leading breathwork exercises, facilitating conversations about mental health, asking effective questions, reframing negative beliefs, and identifying resources for your team. For instance, you can start a breathwork session with your team to help them relax and focus on the present moment, and then move into a discussion about the importance of mental health in the workplace. 

Each organization we train may have a different purpose and approach, but they all need quality mental health training to reach their goals. In addition to training parent-student audiences, rooms full of teachers, hundreds of construction workers, police forces, and nurses and doctors remotely, we have adapted our training to meet the needs of many organizations.


Participants are saying:

"I really enjoyed this training. It has been one of the most thorough conferences on mental health disorders I have attended. I like the tools and will be using them with my students."

Jennifer Drummond - School Counselor

"Dr. Kane gave me tools to change the ways I understand and interact with my students. I can't wait to try out the new tools I learned."

Amani Young — Teacher

"I most liked the information to help my kids with their mental health, and the tools to help me connect with my family."

Marcus Reed — Construction

"This training was very informative and down-to-earth. So many things I can take into my classroom tomorrow!"

Kim Kosach — Teacher

"I absolutely loved this training. I really think that training like this should be required of all teachers. I think our kids will benefit greatly from the tools, tricks, and information offered in this course. I appreciate how informative and organized this training was."

Kirstal Mackert — 4th grade teacher

"I found the class very informational, especially from a counseling perspective. I ordered the book even before the class ended."

Leslie Mosher — School Counselor

Employee Benefits

Employees who participate in the training will:

Gain confidence and tools to address mental health:

With Top Down Bottom Up™ tools, your team can become more productive and confident. By practicing these skills, they will improve their communication skills, reduce stress, and become more resilient.

Understand their own and their family's mental health:

Training in cognitive resilience will help them become more mindful of their thoughts and feelings, which can improve their decision-making and problem-solving abilities. As a result, they will gain a better understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement. As a bonus, they'll learn incredible skills to take home to their families, where they can continue to build cognitive resilience.

Contribute meaningfully to their communities:

The participants will experience the depth of cognitive resilience practices and learn how to facilitate regulating exercises for others. Hundreds of teachers and officers say cognitive resilience training has changed their lives, giving them powerful tools to help their populations. 

Boost their commitment to your organization:

1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace, according to data from the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Employees will be more inclined to stay with your organization if you invest in their mental health. 

Access vital information, tools, and resources:

Using our proprietary content, you can quickly manage and scale mental health support among your people by providing assessments, resources, emails, activities, and reference materials. Your employees will have access to interactive exercises supported by neuroscience and data.


Which training is right for you?

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