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Talking about and teaching mental health skills is no longer optional. For organizations and individuals to move forward boldly, mental health education is essential.


What's new in the 2nd edition?

We've added 20 pages of practical tools including breath-work exercises, mental health check-ins, tips and tricks to help employees and students stabilize, ways to work with substance abuse, and more. 


We've also added more colorful graphics and educational exercises to retain information, as well as more knowledge checks.


With mental health challenges becoming increasingly common, stress levels increasing, and ongoing demands increasing, only teams with the necessary tools and skills will succeed. The information in this reference manual will assist you and those you influence in understanding mental health.


  • Become familiar with the most common mental health conditions so you can identify and refer others to mental health care.

  • Learn about different mental health providers and license types.

  • Find out which type of therapy is most likely to work for each mental health problem.

  • Learn how to practice self-regulation and personal empowerment with easy-to-implement tools.

  • You can use this guide to de-escalate others and calm or reengage them. 


Having trained thousands of people across the United States over the last twenty years, Dr. Christy Kane LLC has created this comprehensive master guide. Looking to improve mental health literacy in your organization? This manual is one of the most helpful and concise resources available.

  • Educators can use this guide to address their own stress and burnout in the classroom as well as student mental health needs. 

  • HR professionals and organizational leaders can also use it when advising employees. 

  • This resourceful manual will also benefit individual employees.


The guide can be used independently or as a complement to our full cognitive resilience training.

Cognitive Resilience Manual

  • This printed, soft cover, full-color manual will be shipped to you. This is not a digital product. 

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