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Available in-person and virtually

Building Bonds

Understanding Attachment Theories for a Healthier Workplace

Discover how the connections we form at home influence the ones we build at work. Dive into the fascinating world of attachment theories—how they develop, why they matter, and how to use them to create thriving workplaces.


Learn the secrets to improving team dynamics, bridging personal and professional gaps, and achieving work-life harmony. Let's enhance employee well-being and come together to build a stronger, more connected workplace!


Digital Detox

Electronics and the Teenage Brain

Ever wondered why teenagers seem so unpredictable? Join us for an enlightening session with Dr. Kane’s proprietary models for understanding and addressing adolescent mental health. Explore the fascinating world of teen brain chemistry, anatomy, and development to uncover what drives their behavior and emotions.


Learn effective tactics for stabilizing teen mental health, helping parents, teachers, mentors, and school resource officers to thrive. Discover the impact of social media and electronics on young minds and strategies to mitigate their negative effects. Unlock the secrets to navigating the teen years with confidence and insight!


Stay Sane, Stay Strong

Mental Health Tactics for Conflict Situations

Unlock the secrets to staying calm and collected when tensions rise. This keynote offers practical tools for verbal de-escalation, strategies to manage your emotional reactions, and insights into why people react defensively. Learn how to create safe spaces for emotions, recognize crucial body language cues, and master the art of giving and receiving feedback.


Perfect for anyone dealing with conflict at work or home, this session will help you handle disputes effectively and reduce emotional burnout.


Expand Your Trauma Toolkit

Practical Strategies for Prevention and Intervention

Equip yourself with practical strategies to understand and navigate trauma in the workplace. This presentation delves into how trauma manifests and impacts interactions, helping leaders recognize and develop policies that promote employee wellness.


Learn fundamental mental health concepts, the effects of trauma at different life stages, and what recovery can look like. Discover the window of tolerance, common reactions to triggers, and practical tools to maintain a calm work environment.


Enhance your ability to manage emotions, foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, and meet DEI training requirements. Create a trauma-informed workplace where everyone can thrive.

"Her expertise is unparalleled. What sets her apart is her exceptional ability to engage with her audience. She is a masterful communicator."

Christopher Hubbard | ABC Safety Round Table

Monthly Mental Health Workshops

Dr. Kane and her team collaborate with organizations to provide ongoing mental health training and development.


These monthly sessions (in-person or virtual) cover a variety of pre-prepared mental health topics, ready to be integrated seamlessly into your schedule. Workshops can also be conducted as luncheons, webinars, or tailored to address specific client needs. Our webinars are proven to keep mental health top of mind, prevent accidents and injuries, reduce stigma, and bolster employee wellness.


Navigating divorce

Staying positive in a negative environment


Preventing caregiver burnout and compassion fatigue


Living with a mentally-ill partner

Self-talk and empowerment

Substance abuse

Crisis management

Signs and symptoms

Depression and anxiety

Social media impacts on adults and kids

Handling grief and loss

Psychological safety culture

Finances and mental health

Types of treatment and providers


Leadership and mental health

Stress management techniques

Sleep quality

"Everyone needs to see one of Dr. Kane's presentations. She is informative, thorough, and offers suggestions for moving forward. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Merilee Boyack | Director | Family Watch International




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