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Cognitive Resilience

Team performance and well-being are enhanced when you are able to manage difficult emotions, uncertainty, and change more effectively.

To build grit and team well-being, you must support mental health in your organization. As a result of cognitive resilience, teams are productive, resourceful, and growth-oriented when faced with challenges.


This course offers a practical approach to mental health education for non-mental health professionals, built on brain-based research and tools. Discover the practices, behaviors, and habits that promote resilience and wellness in teams and organizations. 

Get live, online training or an in-person delivery from our experts.

Course Overview

This training is structured into ten modules with each offering relevant, practical tools and information to build cognitive resilience.

During each live session, you'll gain relevant information and practical tools for empowering mental health within your organization. 

Training that fits your needs

Throughout each module, we provide robust education and practical skills that can be implemented immediately to foster cognitive resilience. Modules build upon each other, demonstrating expert integration. The modules can also be taught independently and tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

“The Lone Peak Police Department has been using Dr. Kane's mental health services for our officers, staff, and their family members. We have benefited from the training, mental resiliency tips, and offerings which are helping us put mental and emotional well-being first."

Chief Brian Gwilliam


Cognitive resilience training is like a tailor creating the same outfit in many sizes and colors, using the same pattern and material, but molding the design to fit each individual situation.

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