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Keynote Topics

1 in 5 Americans faces a mental health crisis. 

Christy is a thoughtful and approachable speaker across multiple industries. She expertly crafts each presentation to her audience's needs so that attendees walk away with relevant and practical mental health tools. No two presentations are the same.


From the moment she steps onto the stage, her focus is your audience and meeting their needs. Once the presentation is over, she makes sure to speak to every single person who has questions or wants to meet with her. In fact, she’s stayed upwards of 45 minutes extra because the response has been so huge.


The topics below are suggestions. Dr. Kane can customize topics based on your event and audience. Each topic below can be customized to meet your audience’s needs. If you like the topic, but want more specifics, that is easily done.

Dr. Kane speaks on topics such as: 

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Employee Mental Health, HR Directors & Mental Health Crises, Corporate Prevention & Intervention, Teens & their Brains, Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Addiction, Suicide, Post-Pandemic Recovery, and many other mental health and leadership topics.

Looking for more?

This just skims the surface of what Dr. Kane has to offer

Keynote Speaker Christy Kane can customize a topic to fit your exact needs and interests of your specific audience

"We got a lot of great feedback from Dr. Kane's presentation. We've already contacted her office to set up our next event. We're a Big Fan." 

Utah Engineering Conference 2022

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