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Expand Your Trauma Toolkit

Practical Strategies for Prevention and Intervention

About this keynote

In today's fast-paced corporate world, understanding trauma isn't just beneficial—it's imperative. 

Explore the concept of "window of tolerance" and its profound impact on workplace dynamics as we explore the intricate nuances of trauma. 

Using her business leadership and mental health expertise, Dr. Kane will share practical strategies to navigate trauma's complex manifestations and foster a culture of resilience and support within your organization.

Gain invaluable insights into fundamental mental health concepts, unravel the mysteries of trauma's effects across various life stages, and discover the transformative power of recovery. From recognizing common triggers to cultivating a calm and inclusive work environment, this presentation equips you with the tools needed to thrive.

Designed for non-mental health professionals, this presentation feels like an intimate conversation with a therapist. For business leaders and their employees, this presentation promotes inclusion and compassion while teaching emotional management. As a result of this presentation, organizations will be able to create trauma-informed workplaces where everyone can flourish.

Don't miss your chance to expand your trauma toolkit and revolutionize your workplace culture—reserve your spot now with Dr. Christy Kane!

Your team will learn how to:

Enhance Emotional Intelligence

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the "window of tolerance" and its relevance to trauma management.

Acquire Leadership Skills

Learn practical tools and techniques to navigate trauma-informed leadership successfully.

Develop Equitable Workplaces

Explore how trauma awareness can enhance DEI efforts and foster a more equitable workplace.

"This was one of the most clear and concise trainings I have ever attended. She made complex issues easy to understand."

Attendee | Trauma Toolkit Keynote

What is the window of tolerance?

The window of tolerance is a concept that refers to the optimal range of emotional arousal in which an individual can effectively manage stress and engage in productive behaviors.

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